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Transcription Facts

Quick Facts about keystrokes

  • All transcriptionists are required to have 3 years’ full-time medical transcription experience.
  • All QA Specialists are required to have 10 years’ full-time medical transcription experience plus 3 years QA experience.
  • Keystrokes’ transcriptionists are all employees. We do not utilize independent contractors.
  • All employees are required to work a set schedule with set hours, days and volume.
  • All employees are required to maintain 98% or better accuracy at all times.
  • All employees have the following benefits: Direct deposit, 401-k plan, holiday rates.
  • Full-time employees are offered the following additional benefits: Health/life/dental/vision insurance, 401-k plan, paid time off and bereavement pay.
  • The hiring process from application to first day of employment takes approximately 2 weeks.
  • Testing is required for some accounts.
  • Keystrokes requires all employees to reside in the United States of America. We have a firm policy against offshore transcription.
  • Pay dates are the 3rd and the 17th of each month, 2 weeks after the pay period ends. If the pay date falls on a holiday or weekend, the pay date will be the next business day.
  • Keystrokes offers a 5% CMT differential.
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